Community Education

Our Community Education schedule is posted twice each year: Spring and Fall. We hold few workshops in high Summer (July and August) or deep Winter (December through February), as we recognize the need for both expansive play time in Summer and deep rest in the Winter months.

Workshops and Short Courses

The heart of our mission is to educate and empower individuals to use traditional remedies as viable options in caring for themselves and their families. In pursuit of this goal, we offer a wide variety of workshops and short courses throughout the year which are meant for the general public with beginning and intermediate herbal knowledge. Classes are taught by VCIH faculty, local herbalists, and allied practitioners, as well as by our clinical students. Our full slate of workshops and short courses can be viewed here.

Continuing and Advanced Education

We also host a handful of advanced workshops and courses, aimed at our allied healthcare colleagues and our rich community of herbalists, seeking to continue their clinical education. These are often taught by our core faculty or by visiting nationally-recognized guests. To view upcoming events specifically geared towards practitioners and advanced students, check here.


If you are interested in offering a workshop or short course at VCIH, please email us. We welcome new voices!