Student Clinic

Our student clinic is staffed by our clinical herbal interns who are in the third year of our comprehensive training program and have already completed at least 900 hours of the curriculum, including 60 hours of clinical observation and case review. Your session at the clinic will consist of a meeting with two interns who are supervised by a member of our professional staff. Appointments last two hours, including a 15-30 minute waiting period during which students consult with the supervisor regarding your case.

We’re excited to provide this service to our community. Your participation allows us to provide quality clinical experience for our students, for which we are very grateful.

Student Clinics are staffed on Mondays  and Tuesdays. Consultations are by appointment only and currently offered virtually only, via video conferencing or phone. Please call or email VCIH to be connected to a student practitioner or, to see more about the current interns and contact one directly, visit our Student Intern page.

Fees and Payment

Just as in the Professional Clinic, the students’ clinical services and herbs are available through sliding-scale payment, time exchange and gift. We provide identical services to all clients, and no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Please refer to the Professional Clinic payment section for full details regarding our flexible payment options and the philosophies behind our model.  Below is a summary of payment options, as applied to the Student Clinic.

Summary of Flexible Payment Options:

The fee for all appointments in the Student Clinic slides from $10 -$30. Herbs are also available on a sliding scale, depending on what form your recommendations take.  Use the table below to determine your exchange, in money or time, for consultation and herbs. Your contributions, no matter the size, are essential to making our services available to all who need them and are always appreciated.




Pay on a Sliding Scale

Initial Consultation

Follow-up Visit

Liquid Herbal Extracts

Tea / powders

Retail Price



$10 / oz

$3 / oz




$5 / oz

$1.50 / oz

Exchange Time

Initial Consultation

Follow-up Visit

Liquid Herbal Extracts

Tea blends and powders

I’d like to trade my time for services and/or herbs through the Onion River Exchange (ORE)

2 hours

1 hour

1 hour for
2 oz of extract

1 hour for
5 oz of herbs

Receive a Gift

While there are real costs associated with providing herbs and consultations, we turn no one away for inability to make an exchange within the suggested range.  Please pay what you can – any amount helps and we’re happy to gift you the balance of our cost. If you feel that your circumstances truly prevent an exchange of either money or time, we will make the consultation and herbs you need available to you at no charge.

Full to Partial Gift Range



$0-5 / oz

$0-1.50 / oz

“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful herbal clinic. The herbalists I met with were incredibly professional and quite astute as well. I feel nourished in a whole new way. The tinctures have been fabulous and not only do I feel the medicine of the herbs within, I feel the equally important good medicine of the people who made the tincture, just for me.” – SH, Goddard College residency student clinic