Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healthcare resources grounded in Nature. Our work brings clinical herbalism to community practice through the weaving of science, spirit and grassroots activism. We provide one of the nation’s most extensive clinical training opportunities in herbal medicine, rooted in deep connection with the plants and place.

We envision a world in which herbs return to a central role in the daily rhythms of home and community life. We believe that herbal medicine has the power not only to heal the individual, but also to address the broad dysfunctions in our culture that have at their root a deep disconnection from Nature. Even as individuals become more empowered and knowledgeable in self-care, we recognize the need for well-trained practitioners to address more complex health concerns and to help identify other useful therapies, both conventional and traditional. Ultimately, we seek to bring about a system of healthcare wherein primary care is Nature-based and practiced in the home; the tools of technological medicine serve as secondary resources; and the herbalist acts as a bridge between the two. This model ensures the individual’s central role, utilizes the simplest and least invasive treatments, and emphasizes the co-evolutionary and interdependent relationship between humans and our environment.

We invite you to visit one of our sliding-scale community clinics staffed by professional herbalists and supervised clinical interns, learn more about self-care with herbs through our community classes, or pursue in-depth study in one of our comprehensive herbalist training programs.