Jars of Herbs


We welcome clients to source herbs elsewhere, but for those who wish to use it, we stock a full-service apothecary which provides custom-formulated herbal products for our clients. We endeavor to stock the highest quality organic and ethically wild-crafted bulk herbs, powders, extracts and oils, as well as a few encapsulated supplements. As demand increases and infrastructure builds, we continue to expand our in-house growing, harvesting and production, with the help of our students and community members. Our goal is to maximize locally-grown and made products, while supplementing our diverse inventory with products made by small companies run by people we trust. We sell our herbs at or slightly above cost, acknowledging the difficulty of accessing affordable, quality products on the retail market. If this cost is still out of reach, clients pay only what they can. We have a few clients who grow herbs for us in support of the apothecary and we hope this mutually beneficial practice can expand over time. If you need to refill your herbal formulas, please contact the office at  802-224-7100 or via email. Please note that we can only supply clients of our clinics with herbs. There are many excellent retail and wholesale sources available locally and online which we encourage you to support. Mountain Rose HerbsIf you do need to order herbs online, consider ordering them from Mountain Rose Herbs. When you make purchases from Mountain Rose, they will generously donate 15% of your total to us! Just click on the logo below to be taken to the Mountain Rose page and shop as always. Only sales that originate from our website will count, so be sure to come through VCIH to begin your shopping. Donations will automatically be credited to us. For more about Mountain Rose Herbs, visit our Partners page. Consider sharing this great program with your herb-buying friends! Even though this program helps us a great deal, we still encourage you to source as many of your herbs locally as you can, perhaps from our friends at Zack Woods Herbs in Hyde Park (for larger orders) or Grian Herbs in Montpelier (housed within the Tulsi Tea Room). The local coops also carry a wide selection, especially of extracts.