Student Clinical Herbalist Interns for 2019

Meet our excellent and diverse group of interns! If you’d like to see someone in particular, please email them by right-clicking on their name to acquire their address or contact our office to be connected to them via phone.

Ayelet Yonah Adelman

City girl at heart, Ayelet comes from loud industrial landscapes where she was drawn to the sheer force of life sprouting between pavement cracks. Driven to deepen her understanding of how herbs and marginalized bodies can uplift one another, Ayelet is intent on finding ways that holistic medicine and biomedicine can work in synergy towards that end. A former genitourinary exam instructor, patient navigator and trans competence trainer, she holds particular interests in trans health, mental illness and pharmaceutical support. She is a firm believer in a client-centered, harm reduction approach, with the assumption that whatever works to help move through the storm is powerful medicine.

Jennifer Attig

Jennifer grew up exploring the deserts in Utah, and it was in her early years that she developed a deep love and appreciation for the land beneath her feet.  She has been working closely with plant medicine and growing her own herbs and vegetables since her graduation from the University of Vermont in 2013. In addition, Jennifer finds great passion and purpose in sharing the miraculous healing power of plant medicine with others.  Happy to hold healing space for all people, she is particularly interested in those seeking support with digestive, sleep, stress, and anxiety concerns.

Ash Baksi

Ash Baksi is a multidisciplinary herbal clinician.  Ash has passion for and experience working with chronic illness, chronic pain, autoimmune, digestive disorders, and sleep issues. Ash believes in people having personal power and autonomy around their health and use of medications. Ash is excellent at building rapport and creating comfortable space that invites vulnerability. He has a spectacular base of working anatomy from his experience as a bodyworker and comes with the skill of making connections with what is going on with the body structurally. He is able to be with people, plants and places in a multidimensional, caring way.

Diana Baron

Diana Baron moved to Vermont from Atlanta, Georgia, where she trained with the BotanoLogos School of Herbal Studies and the Herbalista Health Network. Diana is committed to a Health At Every Size (HAES) framework, which honors body diversity, challenges cultural assumptions about weight and health, and encourages compassionate care, both from practitioners and one’s self. Most of all, she aims to incorporate pleasure into health journeys and to encourage incremental, sustainable changes. Diana focuses on building protocols and routines that suit each individual client. She acknowledges structural challenges and resists the idea that health goals should be static, uniform, or perfect.

Jay Bartel

Jay’s interest in herbalism was awakened after engagement in autonomous community health projects: practicing as a full-spectrum doula, organizing in a medic collective, and supporting survivors of intimate partner violence. Believing that people are the experts in their own bodies and experience, Jay offers deep listening and skilled question-asking to support people experiencing transition and trauma to find personal and collective health empowerment.  Jay is excited to meet with people of all genders and ages — including young people and seniors — and has specific interest in dietary and herbal support for chronic pain, cognitive changes, sleep issues, mood support, and digestive discomforts.

Sophie Cassel

Sophie Cassel comes from a diasporic lineage of gardeners, caregivers, teachers and storykeepers. She has been working with the land as a farmer and building relationships with the plants for close to a decade, primarily in the Northeastern bioregion. Sophie is particularly passionate about using locally sourced, native, and abundant “weedy” plants in her practice, as a way of bringing human and plant people into more direct communication and reliance. She is committed to providing care for all bodies and experiences, young and old, and especially those working through the myriad physical manifestations of anxiety and restlessness in our world.

Anna Marie Cole

Anna Marie calls the central hills of Pennsylvania home where her community shares teachings of plants and the health support offered to the body. She continues to nurture plants, gardens, fields, woods, animals and humans to offer a lifetime gift of awareness. Working as an advocate with multiple resources, she encourages wellness practices with the gifts plants offer to assist the human body. She has experience developing health goals and offers assistance identifying choices which may work for each individual. Her experienced focus on soul and spirit lead to a lifelong study and practice in wellness of the adult body. She is aware of plants and how they are able to support health during any stage of life and need.

Annabelle Green

Annabelle came to herbalism almost a decade ago through practical ways- living in a rural community with no transport or access to primary care, she and the people around her taught themselves how to heal each other with the herbs that grew there. She is passionate about community herbalism, and finding innovative and unexpected ways to fit plants into people’s lives. Working from a harm-reduction stance, she doesn’t like to ask clients to do anything she wouldn’t do herself, and believes that people know their bodies best. She has been a practicing herbalist for 2 years and enjoys learning about plants relative to different bioregions and cultures, wound care, and knitting. She thinks capitalism is stupid and makes people sick, and offers consultations in English and French.

Jane Keir

Jane was born in Vermont and grew up in the foothills of Camel’s Hump. Taught from childhood to recognize many of the plants of the Northern Woodlands, then working in both wetland conservation and horticulture, she comes to Herbalism from her relationship with plants, and enjoys helping others connect with them. When she is not at VCIH, she might be found working at a plant nursery, gardening, in the forest, playing music, and spending time with her dog and four generations of family nearby. She looks forward to working with clients from all backgrounds and bodies. Se habla español.

Tessa Micaela Landreau-Grasmuck

Tessa Micaela grew up in Philadelphia, picking the weeds that came up through the sidewalk cracks and tending to bruised knees. Tessa comes to herbalism through community care work, and is committed to building and sustaining resiliency for individuals and ecosystems. Tessa has worked in reproductive health and generative care for over a decade, and is currently a midwife-in-training and full-spectrum doula. Tessa is a poet, and uses a somatic and trauma-centered approach, weaving language, metaphor and embodiment into herbal protocols and healing practices. Committed to meeting everyone where they are at, but not leaving them there, Tessa works with clients to address their physical and emotional imbalances toward sustainable wellness, with an emphasis on joy and connection.

Megan Mullally

A white, queer cisgender woman from the Pacific Northwest region of Canada, Megan holds a masters in womens and gender studies. With a background in social work with survivors of trauma, sex workers, and folks who are underhoused/living with mental health and substance use, she made the switch to herbalism after learning to support her own chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease with herbs and holistic nutrition, a foundation that strongly influences her work. She is invested in social justice practice centering decolonization and reparations. She is excited to work with trans health, stress-based/autoimmune issues, HPA dysregulation, mental health/trauma, sexual health, and underserved populations. She would also love to work with babies and new parents.

Rose Phillips

Rose Phillips is an adorer of plants. She grew up on a flower farm in Minnesota which inspired a sense of connection to the land. She discovered a passion for dream work, meditation, breath work, and yoga, which led her to study Ayurveda in India and New Mexico. Rose is also a talented Reiki, massage, and doula practitioner. Her love for plants and people has blossomed into a compassionate presence as a clinical herbalist. She is an all-accepting human who admires all beings who desire to shift and grow into aliveness. With an admiration for people’s resilience and unique paths to healing, Rose has the ability to sit with and shine a bright light on things that can be profoundly difficult to process.

Mary Sackley

Mary views healing as deeply rooted in relationship, and believes that we are each at our most creative, joyful, and powerful when our autonomy and interdependence are in balance. A decade of herbal studies and a few years of clinical practice have shown her that plant medicine can support profound healing when offered without judgement and with an anti-oppressive lens. Drawing on an understanding of conventional medical treatments, as well as constitutional assessment techniques, Mary uses herbs, food, ritual, and humor to develop a plan that synergizes with what you already do to support your well-being. Her experience and special interest includes but is not limited to mental health and trauma, autoimmunity, sleep, cancer, blood sugar regulation, neurodegeneration, trans health, and herb-drug interactions.

Elspeth Sherman

Elspeth Sherman has spent all of her adult life cultivating a relationship with plants and healing through art making, farming, good foods, and herbal studies. She believes that being in conscious relationship with the earth buffers us against hardness of being a human. Working with herbs has powerfully deepened her sense of personal empowerment, resilience, and wonder — an experience she aims to share with her clients by creating a supportive space that is open, collaborative, and hope-filled. Elspeth works with people on broad health concerns, particularly focusing on issues associated with long-term stress:  disrupted sleep, anxiety and mood imbalance, digestive and oral health concerns.

Chris Siegriest

Chris Siegriest is continually becoming wilder, likening back to childhood days spent with forest and flower in this bioregion. Centering those at the edges, Chris brings a trauma informed scope and works with all bodies and experiences, with a passion for using plants to build resiliency while moving through grief, loss and the stress of these times. Chris comes with two years of study in Plant Spirit Medicine and a seven year farm project that centered food justice and food as medicine. Chris offers the spark of magic alongside the stirrings of science as both you and the plants come into relationship of ever more connected, ever more well.

Bryce Stellata

Bryce Stellata is eager to work with a diversity of health concerns, and is particularly drawn to support clients experiencing symptoms of living in our profoundly out-of-balance society — including stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. She brings the slow, deep, receptive strength of water element, and the nurturing, nourishing, accepting energy of earth element. She carries deep respect and appreciation for the strategies the body and mind use to survive. Bryce is proud to work from a Health At Every Size (HAES)-informed perspective, and to provide high-quality, weight-neutral care to clients of every size.