Student Clinical Herbalist Interns for 2023

Meet the interns who will start seeing clients in February 2023!

If you’d like to see someone in particular, please email them directly or contact our office to be connected to them. Consultations are offered virtually only, via video conferencing or phone.

Erika Bodin

Erika’s herbalism practice is rooted in a lifetime of gardening, beekeeping and exploring woodland ephemerals, as well as their experience growing medicinal foods and herbs over the last twelve years. Erika is excited to connect people with plants and practices that support their unique relationship with their health, resilience and joy. Erika is especially interested in working with children and queer, neurodivergent folks.


Anna Campbell

Based out of Tkaronto, on the north shores of Lake Ontario, Anna worked for years as a trauma-informed mental health and anti-violence counsellor, while also nurturing passions for nature, plants, and whole-foods healing. Anna began studying herbalism when a friend suggested a community class led by a Queer Elder, and a seed was planted. Anna quickly discovered that herbalism bridges her previously disconnected passions, values and experiences. Anna promotes accessible, anti-racist, gender-affirming support and joyous healing with her clients. The seed has grown into a knowledge that together and with plants we can co-create our own healing and well-being.


Oonagh Cavanagh Tremblay

Oonagh grew up in Vermont and was raised largely within the framework of Ayurveda. Her passion for western herbalism comes after years of learning from and working with plants that grew thousands of miles away, which eventually led her to a curiosity to get better acquainted with the medicinal magic of her local plant friends. Oonagh is excited to support the connection between her community and the wisdom the plants have to offer. She has a special interest in supporting folks experiencing anxiety and depression, menstrual cycle dysregulation, and digestive discomforts. 


Laura Rose Dailey

Laura Rose found her love of plants while vegetable farming by the ocean.  As a young farmer, she was committed to shifting power and agency away from big agriculture and back to people, plants and communities. She continues to work in food systems, but for the past 5 years has been dedicating her time and curiosity to learning as much as she can about plant medicine. As a new practitioner, LR is most excited about fostering a client-led, client-centered approach to healing. Laura Rose has particular interest in supporting digestion and stress management while remaining open to learning about all client health concerns. Her main goal is helping to foster a collaborative path to achieving her clients’ goals. 


Grace Douglas

Grace (she/her) lives in the Coast Salish region of Washington state. She is deeply woven into her community and is passionate about community care. She believes that everyone should have access to herbal care and feels it is important to support the body’s ability to heal. Grace has been growing and working with herbs for ten years and is so grateful to be able to offer this service to the world.  She is excited to work with all bodies and experiences, but is especially interested in those seeking support with stress and burnout, digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances, the cardiovascular system, and the nervous system. 


Gabriella Gorruso

Gabriella has always had a strong passion for healthcare, and a vigorous drive to help restore the body & mind. She knows what it feels like to be at the end of your rope within the healthcare system, and how not only frustrating, but disappointing this can feel. She feels completely overjoyed by watching the baby plants sprout each spring, knowing that it will eventually become an ally in someone’s healing path. Her drive for herbalism is what fuels her everyday to rise & in all her best efforts to have a positive influence in this world and within her community. She has a particular interest in working with stress/anxiety, sleep disorders, immunology & cancer support.


Kate Hampton

Kate discovered herbal medicine through her practice of yoga and Ayurveda, and her passion for health and wellness. Kate believes that every person has the right to vitality. By incorporating small nutritional and lifestyle changes, along with a bit of plant magic, clients can reconnect to their bodies’ innate ability for vibrancy and healing. Kate hopes to foster a collaborative and open dialogue to meet you where you are on your health journey. As a licensed esthetician, Kate loves crafting herbal remedies for internal and external skin health. She is also excited to partner with clients who have concerns related to fertility, energy, digestion, sleep, and cardiovascular support.


Holly Hawthorn 

Living in the mountains of Oregon, Holly developed her relationship with herbalism not only to deepen her connection with nature and the seasons but as another tool to help her medical massage practice clients. For 12 ½ years, she has specialized in pain and stress management, musculoskeletal and nervous system injury, dysfunction and rehabilitation and a variety of acute and chronic conditions. As an herbalist, she incorporates advanced nutritional therapies and herbal formulas to support the body’s innate ability to heal.

Holly enjoys being a researcher and connector, getting down to the root of an issue, providing resources, and supporting clients through the various stages of aging and living one’s most vibrant life. She enjoys finding creative ways to use herbal medicine, upholding the adage
‘Let your food be your medicine’. Most importantly, Holly enjoys serving as a collaborator, meeting her clients where they are and providing a supportive container to explore their health needs.


Alison Lobsinger

Alison is a seed farmer living in Nova Scotia, Canada (Unceded Mi’kmaq Territory). She came to herbalism when connecting her passion for plants with her passion for the body and community care. She sees providing effective, accessible, and empowering health care as a tool for social justice. Through her work, Alison aims to support her clients’ unique health goals, and inspire and motivate others about their bodies’ intelligence and ability to heal. She is particularly interested in working with endocrine/hormone imbalances, menstrual irregularity, fertility autonomy, and cardiovascular and digestive challenges.


Jessica Ohanian

Whether you’re seeking better health or a more intentional way of being, Jess honors every wellness journey. With deep respect for Nature, she helps you listen to your body’s innate healing wisdom to find greater vitality. Her approach to herbal care is rooted in compassionate collaboration. Together you’ll explore herbs, medicinal foods, and seasonal practices that align with your everyday life.

Jess holds space for all, with special affinity for digestive health, nutrition, and—as a new mother herself—helping those transitioning to parenthood. She genuinely looks forward to supporting you in clinic and being part of your path to wellbeing.


Kelly Owensby

Kelly has lived all of her life in North Carolina (traditional Saponi territory). Some of the driving forces that brought her to herbalism are a love of the magic, mystery and possibilities for healing that exist within our relationships to plants and the earth — a deep curiosity and awe at the genius and interconnectedness of the human body, mind and heart — and a constant dreaming of a different world in which modes of healing are dignified, radically holistic and available to all. Her current areas of interest are asthma, allergies and eczema, digestive challenges, insomnia, anxiety, migraines and hormonal imbalances.


Amy Palaia

Amy’s 22 years homesteading in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont have played a big role in solidifying her relationship with the plants of the northeast. After the birth of her children, Amy began using plants for healing as a more natural, wholesome way to address the common ailments of family life. She combines an education in athletic training and emergency medical care with her knowledge of the healing properties of plants to create a deep understanding of how our bodies can be encouraged to heal with the support of plants and
medicinal foods.

Amy is excited to help clients gain confidence in supporting their own healthy body and mind, and is particularly interested in working with arthritis and musculoskeletal problems, skin issues, cardiovascular health, anxiety and stress.


Brooke Sambol

Brooke knows firsthand how relationships with plants can provide powerful support and belonging. Passionate about the interconnections within the body and mind and the individual and collective, her approach is to offer herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle support that honors the context and connections in folks’ lives. Centering client agency, she aims to foster a process in which people feel heard, cared for, and empowered with accessible strategies to work towards their health goals. Brooke looks forward to partnering with clients on what they bring to clinic, and is especially interested in nervous system, immune, cardiovascular, and skin health. Alongside herbalism, Brooke’s other loves include gardening, animal care, and fiber art.


Phoebe Tucker

Do you yearn for a deeper relationship with your intuition? Are you struggling to find clarity in your day-to-day life, or just simply feeling burnt out and uninspired? Phoebe (they/she) is a joy-centric, self-proclaimed herb nerd who strives to honor your quest for a more vibrant and fulfilled life through the use of herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations. As a creative entrepreneur and community tender, Phoebe offers an approach rooted in ‘thrival’ – the belief that we don’t just have to survive, we can thrive. (And that we can all help each other get there!)

While she is open to collaborating with a range of experiences, Phoebe is especially oriented towards those of you seeking support with attention, focus, or burnout, and towards folks that are brand-new to the world of herbs and just want a simple place to start without fear of judgment.