Student Clinical Herbalist Interns for 2018

Meet our excellent and diverse group of interns! If you’d like to see someone in particular, please email them by clicking on their name below or contact our office to be connected to them via phone.


Cate Alber grew up in the forests of Southern Illinois in a family of plant people and perpetual students, and has been studying herbalism for the past decade. In 2013, she studied aromatherapy with Cheryl Hoard in Saint Louis, and in 2016, she completed a Holistic Herbalism program at the Blue Ridge School in Asheville. Cate is fascinated by the relationship between plants and people, and how we utilize and support each other. She strives for broad knowledge and understanding, and currently focuses on: supporting folks with liver concerns; harm reduction for substance use or addiction; emotional support; and more.


Donna Derenthal has been a homebirth midwife for 24 years, and a mother herself for 20 years. She loves supporting mothers and providing babies with the best building blocks to thrive. Donna is a professional Chef and avid gardener. She enjoys creating unique, delicious and nutritious herbal concoctions to feed body and soul. She believes food is medicine and is meant to taste good! She is a gifted massage and Reiki practitioner and a student of Ayurveda. Her classmates say if she were an herbal action she would be a Nutritive Tonic.


Julie MacAdam loves the beauty and peace of the outdoors and the deep mystery of wild untamed places. She draws much humility and joy from being with the plants and inner changing landscape. Previous to studying herbalism, Julie developed as a yoga teacher and practitioner of meditation, which she has practiced and taught for nearly a decade. She has also studied Thai Yoga Bodywork and currently studies Shiatsu. These body-mind modalities influence the scope of her focus when working with clients. She views the body as a living ecosystem where a variety of plants can thrive, and miracles happen. She aims to engender a space that is open and hope-filled for all interested, particularly those working with anxiety, stress, digestive and sleep pictures. Every bodies welcomed.


Gabriela Mendez was born in Guatemala (Quetzaltenango), surrounded by community and deeply connected to the vibrant plants and foods of her culture. Her greatest passions are herbs and dancing, both of which she has pursued most of her life. Gaby thinks a lot about community resilience and connection to nature, especially in the context of struggle. She moved to Vermont 18 years ago and she has since been working directly with herbs as a gardener, medicine-maker, and food-maker. She strives to approach these practices with honor for the plants, her traditions, and the people she works with. Gaby believes that our healing potential lies in our connection to the earth, and she hopes to be of use to her clients as they navigate their individual healing journeys.

Gabriela Méndez es una herbalista que nació en Guatemala (Quetzaltenango), en una comunidad profundamente conectada a las hierbas , las plantas, los  alimentos y las tradiciones de su cultura Maya. Siendo sus mayores pasiones las propiedades benéficas de las hierbas y el baile en el mejoramiento de la salud,  las comunidades y su gente en conexión con la naturaleza. En los últimos 18 años, Gaby ha estado estudiando, trabajando y produciendo hierbas y plantas orgánicas en Vermont, EEUU. Siguiendo su pasión por una mejor calidad de vida, es que dedica su vida a la creación de tés e infusiones naturales con propiedades medicinales sin agregados de químicos ni conservantes. Gaby se enorgullece de sus esfuerzos por honrar las plantas, sus tradiciones y las personas con las que trabaja. Gaby cree que nuestro potencial de curación radica en nuestra conexión con la naturaleza y nuestra comunidad deseando ser  útil para la gente en su búsqueda por una mejor calidad de vida.


Hannah Rae Murphy grew up on a small farm with a deep appreciation for her dependence on the natural world. Following her undergraduate work in conservation biology she turned to clinical herbalism, fascinated with the ecology of human health and to better understand her own chronic illness. In clinic, she seeks to provide care that meets clients wherever they are in their journey with health, centering self-compassion and an understanding of the interaction between emotional, physical, and environmental wellbeing. With a foundation in both science and tradition, she hopes to provide education and care that answers to both skeptical minds and searching hearts.


Erin Rosenthal grew up in the AZ desert among the Diné and the arts community of Providence, RI. Since 2010, she has lived in Hardwick, VT with her partner and their children. An enthusiastic forager and gardener, Erin enjoys leading plant walks and medicine-making skillshares as part of the local group the Swap Sisters. Her journey working with plants has been one of personal empowerment, gratitude and wonder. In clinic, she advocates for compassionate curiosity and accessible strategies. Auto-immunity, digestion and mental health are primary interests, however she welcomes the opportunity to work with all kinds of people and conditions.   


Aurora Sun stems from Western Massachusetts, and is eager to support people from all walks of life in navigating their healing journeys.  She has spent her working life farming, gardening, and in health food stores, and is dedicated to increasing all people’s access to good food and herbs.  Aurora believes in a whole body and mind approach to wellness that empowers the individual, and is focused on working with clients to achieve their personal health goals.  Cultivating relationship in her daily life with the natural and spiritual world deeply grounds her practice in herbalism.  Aurora is also a certified Reiki master and is passionate about plants, animals, and all beings.  


Sasha Timpson grew up playing in the muddy marshes of coastal Maine, and has always been drawn to the messy and beautiful outdoors.  They believe in the resilience of our bodies, and are continually in awe of plants’ healing capacity. Sasha aims to meet each client where they are on their healing path, and provide non-judgmental and non-authoritarian support.  They’re committed to navigating what it means to be a white settler on occupied indigenous land, and honoring the various traditions and teachers that have informed their herbal practice.  Sasha believes in accessible personalized care within a community-based framework of healing.


The great love of Lenna (Nushi) Wertenbaker‘s life is the wild natural world. Drawing inspiration and determination from that, she understands human health as an interconnected landscape. In clinic, she seeks to learn the complexity of each person– what it feels like to be in their particular life and body, and the relationships among the various aspects of who they are. Acknowledging that wellness is an individual experience, Lenna asks the question of what it means to be well for the individual. Her goal is to help folks to continually develop their relationship with their health in ways that are personal and powerful. Lenna is trained in Western herbal medicine, yoga philosophy and practice, and Chinese medicine theory.