Student Clinical Herbalist Interns for 2021

Meet our excellent and diverse group of interns! If you’d like to see someone in particular, please email them directly or contact our office to be connected to them via phone.

Rebecca Cooper

Before her passion for herbalism led her to Vermont, Rebecca spent much of her life in the desert valleys of the Southwest, where she gained an appreciation for the resiliency and beauty of nature even in challenging conditions.  She believes deeply in the inherent wisdom and potential for healing that resides in all living beings — plants and people — and is devoted to holistically bridging these relationships to help facilitate vibrant wellness of mind, body and spirit.  She is enthusiastic about co-creating plans that honor each client’s unique personality, capacity, and goals.  She has a special interest in supporting grief, addiction, anxiety, and oral and digestive health.


Teal Crisafulli

Teal has always been deeply interested in exploring the ways that communities can come together to build health and resilience. She believes that self-care is an essential practice and that by nourishing ourselves, we are better able to show up for others. Her goal as a practitioner is to work in partnership with clients to envision what wellness looks like for each individual, finding creative and pleasurable ways to incorporate herbs, medicinal foods, and seasonal practices into everyday life. Teal is a trauma-informed practitioner who emphasizes herbal care for generative/reproductive wellness, mental health, and navigating stressful times. 


toino dumas

toino dumas has come into herbalism through the worlds of poetry, agriculture and community care. She has been enamoured with the complex workings of ecosystems since childhood and has been inspired by the resilience of nature and liberatory social movements in her practice of plant medicine. She weaves a passion for harm reduction and trauma awareness with an intersectional sensitivity that puts the needs and goals of her clients first. While delighted to work with a variety of people and concerns, they are especially interested in partnering with clients living with chronic health conditions that affect immune, nervous and endocrine systems with a focused attention given to transgender, non-binary and queer experiences.


Mary Guhne

Mary’s love affair with plants began early on in life when she learned to find solace and support in nature. Her humble beginning with plants as a youngin’ inspired her to learn and go on to teach others. She truly believes in expanding plant knowledge accessibility and strives to in every appointment. As an advocate for food as medicine she is always thinking of new and exciting ways to bring herbal medicine into the kitchen with the hopes of inspiring some nutritious and delicious meals for the family. When she’s not working in clinic you will find her digging in the soil, getting witchy in the natural dye lab creating all sorts of colors from plants or rocking in her rocking chair quilting away. She is just waiting to unlock the innate healing potential of any human body.


Liz Krushnic

Liz was inspired to become a student of clinical herbalism through a personal journey to better understand her own health. She is a patient and thoughtful listener and strives to connect clients to the innate wisdom and growing edges within their own bodies. Liz is excited to support folks in navigating a variety of health concerns, including digestive issues, sleep disturbances, immune support, stress, and more. She believes in plant medicine and nutrition as a means for people to have agency over their own health, and is excited to partner with clients on their health journeys in ways that feel most authentic to them. 


Charlotte Leitzman

Charlotte first came to herbalism through her own experience with chronic pain in her early 20s. At a time full of uncertainty and fear, plant medicine brought relief, a source of hope, and ultimately a deeper trust in our healing capacity. For the last decade, plants have been a steady part of her life in the form of gardening, cooking, foraging, medicine making, and study. Charlotte seeks to help clients build resilience and improve their quality of life in accessible, sustainable ways. She is excited to support people with a myriad of health challenges, and is particularly interested in the areas of sleep, immunity, pain, mood, digestion, and chronic conditions.  


Molly Murray

Feet on the ground, roots down, branches up. Molly invites clients to connect with the healing wisdom of their bodies: listening deeply, connecting with cycles of seasons, months and days to create rhythms and routines that bring us into balance. She works with clients to find plants, flavors, practices and formulas that fit their lifestyle and ethos. While Molly is white, she is committed to centering BIPOC voices in a healing space that is inclusive, safe and anti-oppressive. She is interested in the interconnection of body systems with emotions. Areas of experience include but are not limited to digestion, immunity, allergies, sleep, stress, cardiovascular health and food as medicine.


Anna Sikora

Anna Sikora has enjoyed the world of plants since childhood. Herbs played a critical role in healing her body from the effects of Lyme Disease, and that experience sparked her interest in discovering the many beautiful, intricate ways plants aid us. While Anna is happiest in her garden and making things from plants, she believes herbs are a gift waiting to be rediscovered by our culture and looks forward to sharing the support they give to folks from all walks of life. She is particularly eager to be a resource for those with autoimmune, arthritic, and other degenerative conditions.


Mollie Wills

Mollie is an organizer and activist deeply rooted in her central Vermont community. Her healing philosophy is founded in our inherent interconnectedness, and centered around non-judgment, harm reduction, and partnership based on unique client experience and individualized healing goals. She believes in layering science and pathology with ancient understandings of energetics and constitution to ease our bodies back into balance and vitality. Mollie is passionate about growing and sharing plant medicines and finding creative ways to incorporate herbal medicine into diverse lifestyles while meeting people where they’re at. She looks forward to working with clients from all walks of life, and has particular experience with supporting sleep, stress, headaches, and digestion.