Student Clinical Herbalist Interns for 2020

Meet our excellent and diverse group of interns! If you’d like to see someone in particular, please email them by right-clicking on their name to acquire their address or contact our office to be connected to them via phone.

Sarah Bailey

Sarah grew up amongst the apple trees of Michigan and spent years with the Ponderosa pines of the Desert Southwest before arriving to Vermont to study at VCIH. Using a client-centered approach, Sarah aims to be a resource for her community and is proud to practice within a sliding scale clinic. She’s rooted in a harm reduction model and holds profound respect for the ways we’re all surviving. Sarah is excited to co-create plans with her clients that are both accessible and enjoyable. Sarah is particularly interested in supporting folks navigating stressful times, people with immune concerns, and folks experiencing pain or injury.

Arielle Bareket

Like the interdependence of the ecosystems around us, Arielle sees humans and their bodies as interwoven parts of a much greater whole. Recognizing that an individual’s journey to feeling well can look many ways, she is eager to meet folks where they are at, exploring together what health looks like to them. She believes deeply in the body’s innate ability to heal and the capacity of herbs to support and strengthen that process.  In clinic, Arielle strives to integrate modern science and traditional understanding and feels excited to support people experiencing all types of health concerns. Of particular interest is digestive issues, chronic stress and fatigue, immune support, sleep disturbances and recovery from hospitalization or surgery.

Augusta Blackstone

Clinical interests: herbs for human-powered adventure, supporting sleep, crafting protocols beyond alcohol tinctures, aspiring to avoid over specialization leaning on the expert-generalist approach following curiosities.  When not in school you can find Augusta skiing, biking, hiking among the meadows and peaks in New England by day, reading, mostly nonfiction, and engaging in juicy conversation by night.

Chara LeMarquand

Chara fell in love with the plants of the northeast at an early age, one dandelion crown at a time. An avid gardener with a background in permaculture design, she sees the resilience of nature reflected in our body’s inherent capacity to heal. Working within a trauma-informed and client-centered framework, her approach combines traditional healing modalities and scientific research. Cognizant of the systemic factors that function as barriers to healing, she aims to empower clients by making knowledge about the plants as accessible as possible. Chara is excited to support clients as they navigate a myriad of health-related concerns, with particular interest in autoimmunity, digestive disturbances, chronic pain, and mental health.  

Nicholas Macrina

Nick’s fascination with plant medicine stems from childhood where he mashed up flowers, leaves and berries to make concoctions that he never knew what to do with. Having lots of cooking and bartending experience Nick loves flavor combinations, making the tastiest and most delightful blends he can. Aside from tinctures and teas, he enjoys making dream pillows, bath blends, elixirs, and fermentations of all sorts. He has a deep connection with the dream world and loves working with herbs to help influence dream activity. Sleep, generative system health, and dealing with seasonal sickness are just a few areas in which he shines.

Megan Matthers

After studying with various teachers across the country, learning from plants throughout different bioregions and navigating her own health conditions, Megan moved to Vermont to pursue clinical herbalism. As a persistently curious and passionate herbalist she is dedicated to the wisdom of plants, the intuition our bodies hold and the magic they can create together. Megan recognizes that healing is not linear and that each person who comes to herbalism is a dynamic individual with specific needs. Her experience and interest involves working with conditions that are often marginalized in western medicine, including but certainly not limited to lyme disease, chronic fatigue, autoimmunity and mental health. As a parent, she is also knowledgeable and experienced in supporting children with plant medicine. 

Miranda Resnick

Endless-seeming summers exploring the rolling fields and wooded creeks of central Pennsylvania first connected Miranda to the magic of the natural world. Her personal experiences with the healing capacity of herbs and nutrition led her onto the path of studying clinical herbalism. The collaborative relationship between client and herbalist can be a healing tool in it’s own right and Miranda aims to create a space that feels safe, supportive, and empowering to everyone.  She is deeply passionate about offering support with mental health, grief care, chronic stress, trauma, digestive issues, lyme disease, and generally supporting resiliency and connection in an increasingly uncertain and fragmented world.

Ingrid Rotto

Ingrid grew up in the wooded hills and prairies of Northeast Iowa, cultivating a deep love and curiosity for the natural world. This connection to wild places and growing beings continues to inspire her. Ingrid is forever a student of the plants and feels passionate about sharing her learnings with others. She brings a nurturing energy, deep listening, and curiosity to her practice and is committed to providing client-centered care. She is excited to support all people toward their health goals and is especially interested in working with reproductive health and generative care, as well as stress and digestive discomforts. 

Sarah Shaw

Originally from the Finger Lakes Region of New York, Sarah is a Vermont transplant of almost a decade. As a gardener and farm(her) she has spent years cultivating food and medicine with a focus on practices that are regenerative to people and planet. Sarah comes to herbalism with goals of supporting individuals in showing up fully in their lives in whatever ways feel meaningful. She believes that everyone has the capacity to undergo transformative healing, and encourages that process with holistic and accessible strategies. Her experience and interests lie in mental health and trauma, autoimmune, sleep, and digestive imbalances.

Gina Shvartsman

An avid lover and student of the earth and plants, Gina is enthusiastic about co-creating a whole and healthy earth. To her, herbalism is an avenue toward self empowerment. She believes in the wisdom of deep listening and the potential of healing that lies within. A Shiatsu bodyworker, Gina incorporates her background in the 5 Element and Meridian Systems. Gina works to integrate the scientific, traditional, and spiritual; fusing her studies of yoga, farming, earth skills, cooking and the sciences. Some conditions she is interested in working with: respiratory & immune concerns, digestives issues, cardiovascular & building nervous system resiliency.

Tegan Tyler

Tegan’s love for the plant world was born under the branches of a beloved cedar, where as a child she snuck flowers from her mother’s garden and turned them into magical potions. Her connection to the plants has grown and strengthened ever since. As an herbalist, Tegan is devoted to holding intentional space and imagining with each client what health and healing looks like for them. She sees that our world rarely supports people’s vibrancy, and she is therefore committed to an approach of radical acceptance, honoring all the ways people have found to get by. She’s excited to work with all healing processes, and has particular interest in mental health, trauma, autoimmunity, and generative/reproductive autonomy.