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Resetting the 24 Hour Circadian Cycle with Help from Botanicals
with Mary Bove, ND
Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 9 am – 1 pm
$45 members / $50 non-members / $40 VCIH students

A focus on using botanical strategies for resetting the 24 hour Circadian Cycle including the day/night cycle, sleep cycle, glucose metabolism cycle, circadian hormonal cycles, and body temperature cycles. Working with restorative herbs, eating habits and lifestyle modification can aid in restoring and re-establishing a healthy 24 hour circadian cycle. Special focus on adrenal health through restoration and enhancement of the HPA axis function, and supporting an optimal 24 hour adrenal cycle. This is a 2 section class; Part 1 focusing on reviewing relevant physiology related to the Circadian Cycle, health, and many of the health challenges of the modern day. Part 2 focusing on specific botanical actions, groups, and individual herbs applied in the restoration of the 24 Hour Circadian Cycle. Case history presentations applied.

Dr. Mary Bove practiced Naturopathic Family Medicine and Midwifery at the Brattleboro Naturopathic Clinic for 24 years, specializing in Naturopathic Pediatrics. Dr Bove is the author of the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants, and the co-author of Herbs for Women’s Health. She lectures and teaches internationally on the topics of naturopathic medicine, botanical medicine, pediatrics, natural pregnancy, childbirth, traditional food medicine and mind-body healing. In collaboration with Gaia Herbs® Dr Bove developed an herbal remedy line designed specifically for children. She is currently Medical Educator for Gaia Herbs Brevard, NC.

Healing Generation RX: Supporting Our Young People Without Psychiatric Drugs with Didi Persehouse 

Sunday, October 1, from 10am – 4pm.

Sliding scale between $45-60. If you are in need of additional financial aid, please get in touch with us by contacting info@vtherbcenter.org or 802-224-7100 directly to register and let us know your situation and what you can afford to pay.

Registration deadline Friday Sept 22

Is our current society a safe place for young people to be themselves and learn resilience? Are we offering our young people the nutritional support and physical outlets that their systems require in order to self-regulate and thrive?

According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, half of all 13 – 18 year olds have had a mental illness at some point in their life, and one out of 5 is said to have had a “seriously debilitating mental illness.” The use of psychiatric drugs is escalating wildly. These statistics call into question who is profiting from these diagnoses and whether we’re looking at the whole picture.

Using research on the microbiome, the gut-brain connection, changes in soil microbiology and agricultural practices, and the role of connection in human resilience and development, Didi Pershouse (author of The Ecology of Care and founder of the Center for Sustainable Medicine) offers a whole-systems perspective on “mental illness” and brain function. She will lead participants through exercises for developing strong communities of peer support, and outline a strategic plan for young people, educators, parents, and healthcare providers to grow a generation of zestful, empowered, and grounded young leaders for the next generation.

Registration deadline Friday Sept 22

Introduction to Aromatherapy with Ilana Sobo

Sunday October 15 from 10 am to 5 pm ~ $36/45 plus $10 materials fee per student


Please join Ilana Sobo, community herbalist and aromatherapist,  for an introductory class on the Healing Art of Aromatherapy. This class is designed to  give beginners the confidence  to  work with essential oils safely and joyously. In our time together, you will learn about the rich and exciting history of aromatics and the foundational underpinnings of  modern day  aromatherapy. We will also delve into essential oil safety, how essential oils are produced, basic essential oil chemistry, how to work with essential oils therapeutically  as well as common methods of use for self healing and personal care. This is a fun class  that emphasizes sense-ual delight and celebration of the profound beauty and healing gifts of aromatics.

For those new to this practice, Aromatherapy is a fully holistic  healing modality that utilizes aromatic essences and oils from leaves, flowers, barks, resins and fruits to balance  and promote wellness in  body, mind and spirit. Aromatics  can be regularly worked with for emotional balance, immune support, relaxation, peaceful sleep, stress relief, pain management, luxurious skin  and personal care and so much more. All levels

Ilana is an herbalist, Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga instructor and fine artist. Having spent over 17 years in the healing arts, she has worked with and apprenticed for several of the pioneers in botanical medicine and Ayurveda in the US.  Her greatest passion is to help steward the plants of Gaia and do her part to share the love, magic, and healing gifts the natural world brings forth to share. She feels it is a great honor to be able to be an instructor and help inspire burgeoning herbalists as they fall in love with the plant world.


Treating Late-Stage Neurological Lyme Disease: Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine with Brendan Kelly
Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 9 am – 1 pm
$45 members / $50 non-members / $40 VCIH students

From the view of Chinese medicine, even challenging symptoms like neurological conditions are treatable. Using the Wai Ke/Neurological Tradition, we’ll discuss treating both the symptoms and underlying cause of neurological Lyme disease, including tremors, seizures, headaches and migraines. We’ll also talk about the progression of Lyme disease and how the initial tick bite can manifest as neurological symptoms. Brendan will use case studies of patients he’s worked with to discuss his experiences treating Lyme disease, including the use of western herbs, diet and lifestyle. Brendan will also talk about research from his book published in 2015 by North Atlantic Books—The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis—including how the progression of Lyme disease mirrors the progression of climate change.

Brendan is an herbalist of 20 years with training in eastern and western healing traditions and has been practicing Chinese medicine full-time for 13 years. He currently acupuncture, eastern and western herbal medicine and Asian nutrition at the clinic he co-founded in Burlington, VT Jade Mountain Wellness. He is on the faculty at Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Florida and an adjunct professor at Johnson State College in VT.

Brendan also teaches about various aspects of Chinese medicine and herbal medicine at schools, universities, educational centers and conferences around the US. He also writes and teaches about the connection between personal, societal and environmental well-being, including the connection between climate change and Chinese medical thought and diagnosis. In 2015,  North Atlantic Books published his first book The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis: Healing Personal, Cultural and Ecological Imbalance with Chinese Medicine, which looks at the underlying causes of our warming planet from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

Brendan was also the founder and primary instructor of an outdoor based western herbal school in southern Vermont, and teaches about harvesting and using wild plants for food and medicine, and herbal medicine preparation in a wide variety of settings. For the past 12 years, he has worked clinically integrating the potency of local, western medicinal plants with the depth of the Chinese diagnostic tradition.