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Check out these lovely items, created with love for your enjoyment. All purchases support our sliding-scale clinics and our ongoing educational work.

Medicinal Plants of the Northeast Coloring Book, vol. 2

This second in our series of community-sourced coloring books is illustrated by our students, faculty and friends and includes botanical, ecological and medicinal information about each of the plants included. There are resources provided for further exploration and hours of coloring fun and learning to be had by all.







View sample coloring pages, ready for download, here.

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Hand-Crafted Hydrosols – currently out of stock

We distill small batches of hydrosols (aka floral waters) in our beautiful copper alembic, donated to us by Jade Schutes of the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies. We use plants grown in our own gardens and our staff and students tend the alchemical process with care. Our supplies are always changing, as we distill just what’s at the peak of beauty and potency and we can’t “restock” until the next season. We’ll do our best to keep inventory updated here.

What is a hydrosol, you may ask. A hydrosol is a watery (‘hydro’) solution (‘sol’) that contains both water-soluble plant constituents and micro-drops of essential oil. Hydrosols, or floral waters, are the first product of the same distillation process used to make essential oils. The small amount of essential oil found in a hydrosol contributes characteristic scent and aromatherapeutic actions, while the water-soluble molecules give the hydrosol familiar “herbal” activities – the best of both worlds!



What can a hydrosol be used for? Hydrosols can be used for many of the same purposes as essential oils, but are far gentler. Each plant shines in different applications, but we like them generally for:

• skin care – a great toner and anti-inflammatory
• after-sun care
• to reduce stress, relax and uplift mood
• air freshening and space brightening
• to freshen linens
• to flavor beverages and in cooking
• added to teas
• added to baths
…and much more

We encourage you to research each plant to discover its best uses. One resource we like is Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy, by Suzanne Catty.

Currently, we have: yarrow leaf and flower, angelica root, mugwort, sweet annie, lemon balm, tulsi, clary sage and chamomile co-distillation, and garden sage and eucalyptus co-distillation

Each hydrosol comes in a 4 oz cobalt bottle with a spray top. Please let us know in “notes to seller” which plant you’d like.

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VCIH Logo Shirts









Our logo shirts come in three different styles. They’re printed locally and are 100% cotton. Each shirt features our beautiful new “elder cycle” logo on the front and a small logo and text on the back.

Color and style choices shown below, each available in S-XL:






We don’t yet have online t-shirt sales, but we’re delighted to take your order via email or phone, anytime. Better yet, come in to the office and let us find you just the right fit.

All styles $25.