Tuition Reduction Raffle

Posted October 17th, 2022 by Larken Bunce

The raffle to support our BIPOC Reparations and Low-income Tuition Reduction Fund is live!!

Visit the raffle site to peruse 40+ creative, beautiful, informative, medicinal and generous donations from herbalists far and wide!

We’re so grateful for all of the support folks have shown through donating and the larger commitment to broadening access to herbal education that these donations signify.

Now we need an even bigger swell of support from the wider community!

Each raffle ticket is $5. You can buy as many tickets as you like for each item you’d like a chance to win–no limit!

The raffle will be open for 1 week, until October 31. Once it’s closed, we’ll draw winners for each item or bundle and then goods will be shipped or otherwise shared soon after.

All ticket purchases go straight into our BIPOC reparations and need-based tuition reduction fund to support new and continuing VCIH students in pursuing herbal education with fewer financial barriers. The need is greater than ever this year, with requests for 2023 totaling over $25,000. 

Creating change in “Western” herbalism–stopping harm, making repair, moving towards equity and a thriving, diverse ecosystem of learning and practice–this is community work. Our offer of tuition reduction is one small part of this much larger effort, but we can’t do it without you!

Check out the amazing variety of donations and buy tickets here.

*Note that some items can only be shipped within the US. Look for this info at the end of listings if you’re outside the continental US.*