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Here you can find links to articles, presentations, sample lecture notes, and blogs written by VCIH faculty. Check back often, as this library will expand over time.

Betzy Bancroft RH(AHG)

Links to handouts from classes and public lectures (as .pdf files)  

Demulcents: The Slimaceous Herbs

Western Energetics The Fine Art of Herbal Tea
Fermented Foods and our Health Sustainable Herbal Treatments for Colds
Making Herbal Medicine Herbs & Foods for the Heart
Herbal Support for Insulin Resistance Herbal and Fruit Mead
The Digestive & Nervous System Connection Bioregional Analogs

Larken Bunce, MS

On Twitter as @physicgardener and blogging occassionally at Patera: A Physic Garden for Healing and Learning.

Links to handouts from classes and public lectures, as well as a few published articles (as .pdf files)  

5 Phases – Mirroring the Changes of Place Herbs for Digestive Health
Facial Extravaganza Hemp Seed
Herbalism in Nursing & Herb Drug Interactions Maitake & Immunocompetence
Herbs for Cardiovascular Health Sex-Positive, Juicy-Fun Sexual Health

Guido Masé RH(AHG)

Blogging at A Radicle, and on Twitter as @herbalist.

Author of The Wild Medicine Solution, Healing Arts Press. You can find Guido’s updated travel schedule here.

Links to handouts from classes and public lectures (as .pdf files)  

Spagyric extracts Adaptogens
Seasonal Allergies Allergies and Asthma
An Herbology of Relationship Botany for the herbalist
Cancer – core protocol in herbal medicine Elemental rulers for selected herbs
Fall Cleansing Spring Tonics
Basic chemistry terms for the herbalist Herbal Recipes for Winter Health
Herbs for the outdoor enthusiast Introduction to herb/drug interactions
Herbs for Athletes Herbs for the heart and vessels
Herbs for digestion Herbs and the endocrine system
Herbs for the nervous system Herbs and mental health
Herbs for nose, throat and lungs Herbs for traumatic brain injury
Support for influenza Simplified approach to tongue and pulse
Joyful herbs for darker days Making an herbal tincture
Medicinal Mushrooms Herbs for men’s health
Herbs for the urinary tract Alcohol solubility for selected herbs
Quitting tobacco using herbs Valentine’s Day herbs

Creating simple and effective herbal protocols

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