Herbal Support for the Post Partum Mom

Posted September 29th, 2015 by VCIH

a workshop with Sasha McGarvey, Clinical Intern
Wednesday, Oct. 7th 2015 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members
pre-registration required

Birth is a tremendous event.  The body requires immediate support to recover from immense exertion and possible tissue damage, while at the same time adjusting to the new demands of motherhood, namely the production of milk.  This is combined with the emergence of new responsibilities, stresses and anxieties.  This workshop takes a holistic view of the physical, emotional, and psychological post-partum experience and explores the ways that herbs can support the whole mother during this time.

In this workshop we will learn practical skills and recipes for a range of support needs. We will talk about nutritional needs of this special time in our physiology and medicinal foods that support healing.  We will taste herbal iron syrup, medicinal soup stock, galactagogue tea, nervine tea, and adaptogen bliss balls.

If you know a new or expectant mother or are one yourself then this class is for you. It takes a village to support a new mother.