Natural Science for Herbalists

Posted December 17th, 2013 by VCIH

with Guido Masé
February 15 & 16 and March 1&2, 9am-5pm
$280, $30 deposit

Scientific advances from the last century can reveal a rich, deep and often beautiful perspective on nature – despite sometimes appearing daunting. In this class, we will explore these advances with an eye to holism and synthesis, learning how fascinating the world can be when approached at the smallest level we have so far been able to observe

We will examine the basic structure of ions and molecules, as described by the science of chemistry; study the fundamentals of cell biology; and tie these concepts in with the traditional actions and uses of what we put into our bodies. All along the journey, we will note how the microcosmos mirrors the world around us and how the environment interfaces with human beings at many different levels – a key to a more rich and nuanced understanding of nature.

Learn about solubility, chemical reactions, extraction and absorption using simple practical experiments. Explore how traditional concepts of heat and moisture tie in to chemical concepts such as acidity, astringency, and more. This course can serve as the prerequisite for the classes on plant actions, chemistry, and human physiology in the first year of our clinical herbalist training program for those who may need it.