Re-Enchanting Western Herbalism

Thursday November 4, 5:30-7:30 pm ET 

Online via Zoom

Join clinical herbalist and traditional astrologer Mica McDonald as they discuss the history, philosophy, revival, and application of an animist cosmology in Western herbalism. Since the early modern period, Western herbalism has been profoundly changed by political suppression, scientific materialism, colonialism, and global cultural exchange. As Western herbalists re-engaging with our traditions, many of us feel an emptiness in our practice. Where has the spirit gone, and how can we put the spirit back in while avoiding the pitfalls of cultural appropriation?

In this class we’ll explore the Pagan cosmology at the roots of our tradition of scholarly Western herbalism and how re-engagement with the Hermetic philosophical tradition (including Hellenistic astrology) arising out of the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East, and Europe can help us deepen our understandings of Western energetics beyond Galen, humoral theory, or the Eclectics. We will discuss how this may apply to our clinical work, including integration of the astrological natal chart for advanced constitutional assessment, as well as personalizing herbal therapeutics to address underlying spiritual and archetypal challenges. 

Mica McDonald (they/them) is a clinical herbalist, ecologist, and writer living in Abenaki territory (Burlington, VT). Mica graduated from VCIH in 2016 and is a co-founder of Railyard Apothecary in Burlington. Their clinical practice specializes in cystic fibrosis and related respiratory and digestive /

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