Herbs for Fertility Awareness: Conception and Contraception 

Wednesday, September 8, 6-8 pm

Online via Zoom

In this two hour class, we will discuss the anatomy, physiology and herbal support for the fertility cycle, with a focus on preventing or encouraging pregnancy. We’ll review the hormones and rhythms of the menstrual cycle and accurate fertility tracking, as well as herbal and nutritional strategies for enhancing hormone health and fertility or preventing implantation. Designed for folks looking to support clients or themselves in pregnancy planning, fertility challenges or pregnancy prevention, we’ll cover dosage, formulation, and timing, as well as long term strategies for fertility awareness. This class is taught from a commitment to bodily and collective autonomy, and will be gender-inclusive.¬†¬†

Tessa Micaela Landreau-Grasmuck (they/them) is a community and clinical herbalist, midwife and a poet. Tessa graduated from VCIH in 2019 and from Birthwise Midwifery School in 2021, and has been working in generative care and full spectrum reproductive health for over a decade. Tessa currently sees clients, teaches classes, catches babies and works with the The Rose Core Collective on unceded Abenaki land (central VT/northern NH). They spend lots of time with hands in the dirt, in somatic inquiry and working to build sustainable, liberatory models for collective healing. More about Tessa’s work can be found at moonrootmedicinals.com.¬†

$40 member/$50 non-member/$25 BIPOC or low-income

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