Circadian Rhythm Management for Night Shifters, Night Owls, and New Parents

Thursday, March 10, 6-8 pm

Online via Zoom

The circadian rhythm is one of the most fundamental rhythms in human physiology. It is one of the major coordinating forces governing sleep, digestion, energy level, blood sugar balance, neurocognitive health, and more. Despite its importance, it is surprisingly easy to disrupt, especially in the modern world. Chronic stress, screen time, shift work, blood sugar dysregulation, and having a baby are some of the most common disruptors. This class will cover the basic physiology and energetics of circadian regulation and dysregulation, useful lab tests and how to read them, and how we can use herbs, foods, and lifestyle practices to bring the rhythm back into balance. Practical tips will be offered for shifting and realigning the circadian rhythm, as well as for reducing the harm of a dysregulated circadian rhythm in situations where the disruption is unavoidable and ongoing. 

Hannah Rae Behrens is a clinical herbalist, teacher, and farmer in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where she has lived nearly her entire life. She holds a degree in conservation biology from Middlebury College (2015) and a certificate in clinical herbalism from VCIH (2018). Hannah Rae’s approach to herbal care is deeply informed by her own experience with chronic illness, the science focus of her undergraduate studies, and her childhood in the wild woods and deep waters of her home. Weaving together scientific and traditional understandings, she seeks to provide care that centers self-compassion and the interplay between emotional, physical, and environmental wellbeing. More about Hannah Rae’s herbal work can be found at

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