Soak it, Steam it, Rub it: Herbal Care for Down There

Posted September 23rd, 2016 by VCIH

with Rachel Leaf, 3rd year VCIH Clinical Intern
Wednesday, September 28th 6-8pm
$10 members / $12 non-members / Free for VCIH students

In this class we will learn short and long-term herbal and lifestyle support for common infections of the genito-urinary system, with a special focus on BV, yeast infections, UTIs and herpes. We will explore different herbal preparations including steams, sitz baths, compresses and suppositories, with a short suppository-making demo. The goal of this class is for folks to leave with more information, tools and strategies to feel self-empowered to work with their bodies to heal and counteract these infections. While somewhat vulvic-focused, remedies and preparations for all genitalia will be covered.