Aging Herbally to Maintain Health and Vitality

Posted September 23rd, 2016 by VCIH

with Eleanor Baron, 3rd year VCIH Clinical Intern
Wednesday, October 19th 6-8pm
$10 members / $12 non-members / Free for VCIH students

No matter your age, if you’d like to be proactive about feeling good and living well as the years pass, take a pause to learn plant-based strategies to help you greet your later years feeling vibrant and energetic. Through a functional approach to our goals, we’ll look at plants to help us maintain mobility, strength, strong circulation, digestive fire, energy, resilience, immunity, cognition and memory. Plants, both food and medicinal, can play a huge role in creating healthy tissues and physiology, both for prevention of health problems and support of healing once they occur. Knowing how to use a few medicinal herbs in your kitchen will empower you to augment your other health and wellness activities with a few new kitchen herbalism recipes and tricks of your own. With an emphasis on safe, easily accessible herbs and foods, we’ll create a recipe for aging herbally.