Our Burlington Student Clinic Has Moved!

Posted June 16th, 2016 by VCIH

New Location at the Burlington Herb Clinic
The VCIH student clinic has moved from City Market to the Burlington Herb Clinic (BHC). This rental space, which is being generously donated to us by the BHC, is located at 270 Battery Street in Burlington (this is also the location of RAILYARD Apothecary). To schedule an appointment, email info@vtherbcenter.org.

Payment: Sliding-Scale, Time Exchange, and Gift
Payment for services and herbs received in Burlington will now be the same as in our Montpelier clinic. Consultations are $5-10 and herbs are on a similarly affordable scale. While our Burlington clinic is no longer advertised as a “free” clinic, you always have the option to receive a gift of services or herbs if you can not contribute financially. For more about our payment options and philosophy of accessibility, visit the student clinic page of our website.

Herb Pick-up
All formulas filled in Montpelier will be delivered to City Market, for convenient Burlington pick-up. Although your appointment will now be held at the Burlington Herb Clinic, your herb formulas will still be picked up at the City Market customer service desk.