Wind Under the Mountain: A Classical Chinese Perspective on Lyme Disease and Chronic Parasitic Disorders

Posted March 23rd, 2016 by VCIH

with Jonathan H Edwards, MSOM, LAc.
Monday, April 4th 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members

“Gu syndrome,” a nearly-forgotten concept from the Classical Chinese medical record, refers to a state of stagnation or decay in which one feels hollowed out or even possessed—much how patients of parasitic or spirochetal diseases like Lyme describe themselves. Understanding Gu clarifies the dynamics of these diseases and opens up a viable treatment approach.

In this talk we’ll explore Gu in all its glory, discussing its symbolism (rooted in the I Ching’s Hexagram 18), its signs and symptoms, and its dietary and herbal treatment with Chinese and Western medicinals. We’ll also discuss some of the most difficult features of Lyme, such as the hyper-reactivity that patients often experience, and cover case management.

Jonathan H Edwards, MSOM, LAc. is a writer and healer trained in Western and Classical Chinese herbalism, acupuncture, and divination traditions. He is passionate about offering people deep nourishment, clarity and connection: to nature, to her healing herbs, and to their own depths.