Herbed Up! Winter Wellness from the Kitchen

Posted November 17th, 2015 by VCIH

a workshop with Elli Bayer, Clinical Intern
Monday, November 30th 2015 6-8 pm
$17/$15 for members ($5 materials fee included)
pre-registration required

Another cold and flu season is upon us in chilly Vermont. I will be hosting an introductory class to introduce beneficial herbs and foods to have on hand this winter to support your family’s immune systems. We will go over three classes of herbs used to keep us well, and herbs to soothe when us or our loved ones are under the weather. We will visit and create simple kitchen preparations, study medicinal preps, such as tinctures, teas, and topical uses. We will also discuss daily recipes for tasty, nourishing foods, such as soups and broths.