Tree Medicine for the Earth

Posted February 8th, 2015 by VCIH

a workshop with Fearn Lickfield, Green Mountain School of Druidry
Wednesday, March 4th 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members; pre-registration required
register online here

The land can be seen as a macrocosm of our bodies. It has meridians, a circulatory system, flesh and bone. More than ever, the earth needs skilled healers and good medicine to return to balance and vitality. Its time to bring herbalism back to Earth! In this workshop you will journey to the Sacred Grove of the Druids to meet your tree ally and gather its medicine. Fearn will introduce you to the earth energy web and the basics of earth acupuncture using tree essences, as well as a a partnering practice to Repair the Climate.

Fearn Lickfield is co-creator of the Green Mountain School of Druidry with Ivan McBeth. She is a certified flower essence practitioner, Geomancer, Ecstatic Dance leader, avid gardener, and Priestess of Gaia. As facilitator, teacher and grounded spiritual counselor she guides the healing and connection of people with the Sacred Earth.