GOOD SEX: Is there an herb for that?

Posted November 6th, 2014 by VCIH

a workshop with Linden de Voil, VCIH clinical intern
Monday, November 10th 6-8 pm
$12/$10 for members; pre-registration required
register online here.

Sex can be emotionally nourishing, deeply embodied, and FUN.  If you’d like to experience this kind of sex all the time, more of the time, or for the first time, this class is for you!

In this class, we will:

–  Explore key concepts of integrated sexuality, helping you bring your whole self to the bedroom (or anywhere else.)

– Learn about the anatomy of arousal, way beyond 8th grade health class!

– Discuss internal and external use of herbs to support relaxed, exciting and delightful sexual intimacy.

This class is hands off and clothes on; discussion only. Open to people of any gender and sexual orientation.