Healing Presence: Cultivating Communication Skills and Compassionate Relationship

Posted May 23rd, 2013 by VCIH

10 hours, Mondays 6pm to 8pm, June 3 to July 1; taught by Larken Bunce, Julie Mitchell, Dana Woodruff,  S. B. Sowbel, and Sarah Van Hoy, LAc. $100, $15 deposit

This course explores the value of community and relationship in healing. In the traditions of the curandera, the shaman, the village wise woman, and every other, sitting with and listening to another have always been at the heart of healing. We seem to have forgotten how to intentionally offer our ears, minds and hearts in service to another person and are told that we need to be professionals to do it safely and well.

Together we’ll explore safe and simple practices for developing oneself icompressed-intaken becoming a healing presence, focusing on our capacity for personal clarity, openness, and empathy, as well as our listening and communication skills. Concepts of non-judgment, harm reduction, cultural competence and social justice will also be addressed. We’ll employ techniques and theories from many diverse sources including Chinese Medicine, Peer Support, and HeartMath (TM), cultivating the compassionate presence that is innate in each of us.