Decolonizing Herbalism, Empowering Herbalists

Posted April 25th, 2013 by VCIH

with Dana Woodruff, Dandelioness Herbals and Sandra Lory, Mandala Botanicals
Wednesday May 1, 6-8pm
$10 members/$12 non-members

Even with the best intentions, as practitioners and teachers we can inadvertently alienate and limit others, and perpetuate a broken system. In this introductory workshop we will embark upon a courageous conversation, using an adapted version of the Power Chart by Paul Kivel, art supplies, the expertise of our own life stories and the strong presence of our plant allies. This will be a heart-centered and compassionate space in which to look at our own power and privilege. Through self awareness as leaders, we construct safe, engaging and inclusive learning spaces, we build bridges, and we foster trusting relationships that help heal the wounds of colonialism, racism, classism and other forms of oppression. Here’s to creating new social structures that involve the many diverse voices of the 99%.

Sandra Lory is a folk herbalist with Mandala Botanicals, co-organizer of the Barre community gardens, food justice educator at Food Works, and staff at Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center. Sandra’s heritage is from India and Slovakia. She trusts in the international and universal language of plants to support justice work, and is starting an Herbalists Without Borders garden project.

Dana L Woodruff is a community herbalist and health educator.  She teaches workshops, offers remedies, and writes about self-care, community health, and social justice through Dandelioness Herbals, and is a member of Migrant Justice.