Trangender Health: For Community and Care Providers

Posted February 4th, 2013 by VCIH

with Jacoby Ballard and Dori Midnight

Cost $35 members/$40 non-members

Wednesday March 13th, 6-9pm

Explore the use of herbs, nutrition, and vitamins to support transgender health.

Tailored to the needs and interests of participants, this workshop will cover surgery preparation and recovery, addressing the side effects of hormones, and supporting a person’s mental health in a transphobic world. Come to this workshop if you have a partner who is transitioning. Come to this workshop if you are trans. Come to this workshop if you are a care provider of any kind and want to know more about supporting a trans persons’ wellbeing.

Jacoby Ballard has been working on transgender holistic health for 9 years, beginning with supporting his own health, then expanding out to working with friends, and friends’ friends. He now is a co-owner of Third Root Community Health Center in Brooklyn, where he works with clients, teaches Herbal Education, and teaches yoga. He teaches 3 weekly Queer and Trans Yoga classes, and has prepared a ‘Treasure Chest’ surgery kit to support those going into surgery.

Dori Midnight is an ordained interfaith minister and intuitive counselor who has come from a long line of tough ladies who healed people in their kitchens. She believes that healing is an “of the people, for the people” practice and works to keep healing accessible, affordable and full of magic. She teaches magic and folk & community herbalism to kids and adults, creates rituals and ceremonies, and provides intuitive counseling and healing for individuals. After 15 years in San Francisco, Dori recently relocated to the woods of Western Massachusetts where she maintains a local and long distance healing practice and teaches community healing workshops.