Fundraiser a Great Success!

Posted November 23rd, 2012 by Larken Bunce

Thanks to all who attended our Fundraiser, donated to the auction and, of course, contributed their gorgeous artwork to the show!

The $2400 you helped raise will buy tinctures and bulk herbs that are given free or low-cost to those in need, through our sliding-scale clinic. At this time of thanks-giving, we are so grateful to our community for the outpouring of support, now and all-year round. We couldn’t do it without you!

We’d like to acknowledge the following people and businesses for donating silent auction items, artwork, and food:  Julie Aitcheson, Bobbi Angell, Ann Armbrecht, Kate Arnold, Katie Back, Betzy Bancroft, Korinne Batschelet, Margaret Blanchard, Rodney Bradley, Bragg Farm, Laura Brown, Steve Byers, Caledonia Spirits, City Market, Ruth Coppersmith, Sarah Corrigan, Rebecca Dalgin, Bennie Dalton, Rachel Doran, Irvin Eisenberg, Effie Elfer, Jon Faris, Marie Frohlich, Sylvia Gaboriault, Iris Gage, Kurt Giavara, Rosemary Gladstar, Amy Goodman-Kiefer, Margi Gregory, Healthy Living, High Mowing Seeds, Susan Hoffmann, Hunger Mountain Food Co-op, Lynn Hunt, Maureen Hurley, Rachael Keener, Edward Kentish, Flower Kotkes, Sandra Lory, Suzyanna Mapachi, Lisa Mase, Kelly McCarthey, Kate Milligan, Nick Neddo, Nutty Steph’s, Cynthia Peterson, Jaiel Pulskamp, Red Hen Bakery, Susan Bull Riley, Petra Rowan Rhines, Brad Salon, Sarah Shapiro, Sowbel, Susan Staley, Keith Taber, Matt Ulrich, Anne Unangst, Urban Moonshine, and Tobie Weisman.