Moving Through the Storm: Herbal and Relational Geekouts for Emotional Freakouts

with Ayelet Adelman and Chris Siegriest

Saturday, October 5, 10 am – 1 pm

members $22 / non-members $25

With the continual crisis of these times, many of our nervous systems are in a more constant state of hypervigilance and dysregulation. Whether it is anxiety, hypersensitivity, panic or just feeling shut down, our nerves are bearing the weight and holding the impact of all the stimuli around us. In this workshop we will focus on emotional regulation skills, through both mental health first aid support, as well as soothing our distressed selves and moving through crisis. Utilizing plants as our allies, we will taste some herbs and matchmake them to different emotional and physical states and needs in and out of our bodies. This is an offering to hone within ourselves and our communities strategies of resilience and care.