Forget Taking Your Herbs – Integrating Plants Into Your Daily Rituals and Routines

with Mary Sackley

Wednesday, November 20, 6 – 8 pm

members $18 / non-members $20

“Taking your herbs” shouldn’t be another thing to feel guilty about not doing! In our time together, we’ll discuss a number of ways to seamlessly meld plants into the rhythms of our daily lives.  In an era where “self-care” is becoming yet another thing to buy or put on a to-do list, we’ll challenge the idea of healing as an individual process, and talk about ways we can set ourselves up for success by cultivating inter-dependence. Beyond teas and tinctures, this class will offer a number of ways to blend plants into convenient, clever, and comical points in our days.  We will co-create a vision of healing that synergizes with the things we already do to support our well being. Participants will have the opportunity to make a crafty plant remedy to bring home with them.