2018 Summer Herbal Fair
Saturday, July 28th, 3 pm – 7 pm 





2018 Summer Herbal Fair
Saturday, July 28th, 3 pm -7 pm 
$10 admission at the door / kids 4 and up, $3  ($5 for VCIH students)

Entry fee gets you into all mini-classes, demos and walks, music, and vending area. (Bring extra funds for food and beverage vendors.)

**PLEASE NOTE: There is no rain date for this event. If the forecast looks dangerous–thunderstorms and downpours–we will cancel the fair. Please check back here for any news before you come on Saturday.


Finalized Mini-Class Schedule

The fair runs from 3-7pm. Join us for the whole time or just come for an hour or two.


3:15 – 3:45 pm

Build Resiliency, Relieve Stress, and Boost the Mood with Herbs!

Nick Cavanaugh and Jessica Churchill-Danis, Railyard Apothecary

We can all use a little support these days, and there are many wonderful plant allies that can help!  We will discuss some favorite herbs for dealing with the stresses of modern life, including adaptogens, nervine relaxants and herbs that lift the mood, based on personal experience and experience working with others.  We’ll discuss herbs like ashwagandha, tulsi and skullcap and the different ways to incorporate them into daily life.


3:55 – 4:25 pm

Companion Planting with Herbs

Juliette Abigail Carr, Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine

Calling all gardeners!  Join herbalist and farmer Juliette Abigail Carr to discuss how to grow medicinal herbs in the vegetable garden to increase yields and decrease pests.

Creating Essential Oil Synergies

Lauren Andrews, AroMed Aromatherapy

Make your own organic essential oil synergistic roll on. Choose from blends that address stress, sleep, energy, focus, and more.


4:35 – 5:05 pm

Blending Magical and Medicinal Teas

Kristin Henningsen, VCIH faculty

Join us for a tutorial and demo of blending magical and medicinal teas.  We will explore the basics of flavors and actions, as well as how to combine herbs to both support health and delight the senses.  Together we’ll create a blend to do just that, so you can feel empowered to continue your exploration at home.

Aromatic Plant Distillation demo

Hannah Mitchell, VCIH’s in-house distiller

Come see our beautiful traditional copper alembic in action. We’ll be distilling fresh plants from our gardens, capturing both a tiny bit of essential oil and lots of beautiful aromatic hydrosol. See how it’s set up and experience the magic of distillation alchemy in action!


5:15 – 5:45 pm

Plants of the Herbal Tarot

Carmen Reyes, Herbal Taroist

Learn about this unusual tarot deck, the medicinal, astrological and spiritual associations of the plants and the cards of the Herbal Tarot plus a hands-on demonstration in reading the cards.


5:55 – 6:25 pm

DIY Incense Making Workshop

Hannah Mitchell, The Rowdy Sprout

Come learn the basics of this ancient practice and try it out for yourself! We will talk about different plants for different purposes, including magic, and we’ll practice using one of the many incense-making techniques so you can take a little home with you.

Medicinal Plant Walk in VCIH’s Hill Gardens

Betzy Bancroft, VCIH faculty and co-founder

Join Betzy, expert herb walker and inspiring teacher, for this tour of our gardens in their prime. There will be stops along the way to talk about the medicinal uses and best preps of our cultivated and volunteer plants, alike.


6:30 – 7:00 pm

Community Closing with the Music of the Plants

Join us to close our gathering, offer thanks for the day and our abundant season, and share in a special musical performance with our plant and human friends. This is a really special opportunity to hear the plants’ unique vibrational expressions–not to be missed!

Ongoing Activities

VCIH Student clinic mini-consults (by donation)

Do you have a health issue that you are currently dealing with, or simply have the desire to learn more about your body and the importance of our relationship with plants? Stop by the Clinical Student Intern tent for a brief intake during which a student will ask you a few questions, take your pulse and look at your tongue. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive some simple dietary and herbal recommendations. They’ll even blend you a personalized tea! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the sliding scale student clinic offered at VCIH, and make an appointment with one of our amazing student herbalists for a thorough intake and full herbal recommendations.

Hydrosol Distillation Demo with VCIH students (free)


Kid’s Activities ~ 3-6:30 pm

(all free; donations towards materials gladly accepted; caregivers are asked to stay with kids with they have fun)

Face painting

Bubble fun and hoola hoops

Making pollinator-friendly seed bombs

Plant-print flag making

Medicinal plant coloring pages

Herbal scavenger hunt


Music & Food ~ 3-7 pm

Musical guests: Nate Gusakov and Jane Keir

Plus, musical closing with the plants using the Music of the Plants technology.

There will be food from great vendors, including vegan and GF options.  This year’s food vendors include:

See you there!

**PLEASE NOTE: There is no rain date for this event. If the forecast looks dangerous–thunderstorms and downpours–we will cancel the fair. Please check back here for any news before you come.