Continuing and Advanced Education

Each year we host one or two advanced workshops and courses, aimed at our allied healthcare colleagues and our rich community of herbalists seeking to continue their clinical education. These are often taught by our core faculty or by visiting nationally-recognized guests. In the past, we’ve hosted such excellent practitioners and educators as Mary Bove, jim mcdonald, 7Song, Kevin Spelman, Julia Graves, and Jody Noe.

Any upcoming Continuing and Advanced Education offerings will be listed below, as well as on our Community Education calendar and listing page.


Soothing the Hungry Ghost Within – Tools for Working with Addiction

with Jen Stovall

Saturday and Sunday, August 4th and 5th, 2018

9:30 am – 6 pm 

$150 / $100 alumni and members / $75 current students


Partial and full scholarships will also be available. Please fill out this short form to request support to attend. We want everyone who is interested in this material to be able to join us.

Join Jen Stovall for this important two-day class on ways we can best support our clients and community who are experiencing addiction. This widespread and pervasive imbalance is often overlooked and when it is addressed, many of the treatments utilized are harmful and misguided. As herbalists who operate outside of mainstream healthcare, we can play a valuable role in supporting a community of people who are often ignored and stigmatized and therefore, receive poor health care.

Over the weekend, Jen will share tips she’s gleaned from over 15 years of working with people experiencing addiction using herbal medicine and the NADA acudetox protocol and will address ways we can do this both on a one-to-one basis, as well as in a community-wide structure. We will unpack the concept of addiction, explore the theory of harm reduction, and examine different substances using an energetic framework. We will cover different tools we can utilize to support folks who are dealing with addiction such as herbs, ear beads, and nutrition. We will discuss which body systems are most affected by specific drugs, what patterns those effects commonly follow, and how herbs and nutrition can mitigate these patterns of imbalance.

Rather than only discussing herbs we can utilize with people who want to quit using, we will also cover ways that herbs can support folks who choose to continue using along with common ailments they might experience that we can address herbally. Join us to discuss this necessary work and explore ways that we as herbalists can best support those in our communities who are experiencing addiction.


Jen Stovall works as a Community Herbalist & Health Educator, using a blend of Southern Folk Medicine, Western Herbalism, and harm reduction in her classes and with her clients. She is co-owner of Maypop Community Herb Shop in New Orleans and has a BSN-RN and a NADA Ear Acupuncture Detox Specialist and Trainer license, both of which inform her herbal practice. She also works with Trystereo Harm Reduction Collective, a grassroots Syringe Access Program in New Orleans, where she does education and outreach. In 2018, Jen founded Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine in North Carolina with Janet Kent and Dave Meesters, a school focused on centering concepts of intersectionality, anti-oppression, and environmental consciousness in herbalism.

She has found herbalism to be both a potent tool for pursuing social justice in the world, and a powerful manifestation of the ethical and ideological path she walks in her personal life. She believes that health care should be accessible to everyone and that the most powerful strategy for this is educating and empowering people to choose their own path to health. She is constantly renewed and inspired by witnessing the magic spark that occurs when people are introduced to plant allies through consultations, herb walks, medicine making, and health education.