Traditional Body Therapies

Upcoming Short Courses

32 hours, 4 Saturdays, 9am to 6pm, 10/26, 11/9, 11/23, 12/7; taught by Larken Bunce; Sarah VanHoy, LAc; Sarah Shapiro, LMT and Erica Koch, ND. $320, $40 deposit

It’s believed by some that touch was likely the first form of healing practiced by humans. Offering a soothing hand, a hug, or gentle muscle rub are natural tendencies common to many people. From those early beginnings, numerous somatic (body-based) practices arose, including various massage traditions and pressure applied to various points on the body (via acupressure and later acupuncture). While IMG_0535these practices also recognize that more than the physical tissue is affected by touch, they are still based in contacting the body in order to increase well-being.

This course will introduce simple, safe massage and acupressure techniques that anyone can employ for common discomforts. We’ll include using herb-infused oils for massage, as well as various tools for stimulating points on the body, such as seeds and burning herbs (moxa and local alternatives). Using water (hydrotherapy) to alter body circulation will also be covered. Discussions about safe touch (emotionally and physically) will be included, along with extensive hands-on practice during and outside of meeting times.