“Cultivating the Fire Element” – Remedies for Anxiety and Sleep with Baylen Slote

Posted April 25th, 2017 by VCIH

Monday, May 1, 6:00pm – 7:15pm
Vermont Center For Integrative Herbalism, 252 Main Street, Montpelier, VT
$10 / $8 members

Anxiety as well as difficulty sleeping often occur when the body gets caught up in “static energy” that scatters or gets stuck in the head. Join Baylen Slote LAC of Black Turtle TCM for this dynamic evening of conversation and practice where you can learn simple remedies to create clear balanced energy in your whole body. Drawing on the tradition of tao, Baylen will share a variety of holistic healing tools including acupressure points, herbal nutrition strategies, and easy to learn energy exercises (qi gong) to help you balance your body of anxiety and facilitate deep and restful sleep. All are welcome!

Baylen is a licensed acupuncturist and certified herbalist (NCCAOM). He holds a masters degree in acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine from yo-san university (2008) and completed a 4 year post graduate residency at integrative pharmacies in the Los angeles area. He is a certified instructor of “harmony style” tai chi & dao-in “taoist yoga” (COT) and is ordained by the Integral Way Society as a constructive life coach. Baylen also practices the esoteric taoist arts. He began practicing with the i ching in 2001 and continues to use it for medical and personal divination. He began practicing tai chi sincerely in 2003 and often prescribes energetic practices to his patients, empowering them with tools to gain agency of their own health. In Vermont he has deepened the wholistic nature of his practice by working closely with food systems remediators and permaculture designers. In 2016 Baylen founded black turtle TCM where he practices in Montpelier.